Minutes of the Full Council Planning Meeting held on Monday 10th February 2020.  & pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT:  Eric Benton (Chair), Nigel Jacobs, Graeme Dinner, Marc Frost, Geoff Odell, Richard Draycott, James Carroll, John Maskell.

There were no members of the public.


Bernard Crease, Mark Brooks, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk). Borough Councillor Graeme Coombes would be late as attending other meetings.

There were no declarations of interest received for the meeting.


No public statements received.


20/00035/FUL single storey rear extension at 67 Whitworth Way.  This extension would not be visible from neighbouring properties on Whitworth Way and the plot is large. It was agreed to respond with 'no objections'       Action 2.01 Clerk.

20/20/00282/FUL single and two storey extensions at 7 The Brambles.

As the response date was before the next PC meeting councillors looked at the application on line. In principle there were no objections but Planning Working Group will look at site and check to see if there are any concerns and alert the full council to these prior to the response date of 9th March.           Action 2.02 PWG


19/02719/FUL Demolition of existing extension and car port, and erection of single storey side extension at 12 Pollards Close - Permitted

19/02680/FUL Erection of port to front and two storey and single storey rear extension at 2 The Square - Refused – Too large, out of character, overbearing on neighbouring properties.

19/02619/FUL Two storey side extension at 73 Bedford Road - Permitted

19/02546/TELPN Erection lattice tower and 4 metal cabinets at Telephone Exchange Whitworth Way - Permitted

19/02432/COU Change of use of a C3 dwelling to C2 children's home to accommodate a maximum of 2 children at 18 Bedford Road - Permitted

19/02182/LDP Certificate to confirm that the details submitted do not require planning permission (conversion of storage and distribution building to two residential dwellings at Netherwood Farm Ivy Lane - Decided Certificate Issued. There was uncertainty whether this meant that the new dwellings would need to be built within the envelope of the current buildings or whether the current walls and roof would need to be retained. Clarification to be sought from Borough Planning.    Action 2.03 PWG

19/01910/S73A Use of car park (permitted under 05/00742/FUL with resitriction of use) for the siting of containers, mobile home, caravan and for the erection of ttable building, as well as car parking (development already carried out) at The Stables Equestrian Centre 146 Cotton End Road - Permitted

19/01579/S73  Erection of 2 dwellings including a variation of condition 6 of 18/02042/FUL relating to protective measurers for the existing hedge and beech tree at 35 Luton Road - Permitted

19/00592/LDP  Certificate to confirm that the details submitted do not require planning permission (single storey rear extension) at 159 Cotton End Road - Withdrawn .

18/00551/MAF Condition 12 Cycle Parking at Wooding Way estate.

Condition discharged. Adequate long and short term cycle parking details provided to Borough Planning.


18/00482/S73A Subdivision of one dwelling into two dwellings at 34 Bedford Rd (retrospective application).

Highway conditions were that the door fitted to garage / storage area should be of a width to prevent use by a car and that boundary treatment prevents vehicle access directly to it. These conditions don't seem to have been applied. Borough have informed the PC that they are awaiting amended plans and that an officer has visited the applicant.

Redundant Oil Tank & its Surrounding Walls between 20 & 22 Pollards Close.

A resident had alerted the PC of dangerous walls and open access to the tank. The PC had in turn in December alerted the Borough's Building Control who had visited the site in January. In between temporary Harris fencing had been erected around the site and the tank area secured so no further action was required. An application for a dwelling is now expected.

Action 11.02: Clerk 18/00433/MAO outline application for 65 houses at land rear of 85 Cotton End Road Clerk was asked to circulate the associated planning conditions so Councillors could better understand these. The decision notice was not published online so clarity from Officer sought and response received and circulated to Councillors     Action 11.02: Complete

Action 1.01 Clerk. To submit planning responses as discussed at January PC meeting.  

Action 1.01 Complete

Action 1.02 Clerk. To include addresses as well as numbers when referring to planning applications in published minutes.                                   Action 1.02 Complete

Action 1.03 Clerk.  To circulate 19/02432/COU 18 Bedford Rd decision notice.       Action 1.03 Complete

Action 1.04: EB To follow up with the local authority the planning application relating to Willington and overturning of the local authority decision due to their Neighbourhood Plan.  Action transferred to EB                                              Action 1.04: Ongoing

Action 1.05: Clerk  To circulate the planning material consideration document as a useful resource for Councillors.                                   Action 1.05: Complete

Action 1.06: PWG  Planning Working Group to formulate a draft response with a recommendation to the full Council on how best to respond to the planning applications, with the draft responses to be circulated ahead of the meeting.  This is planned to be undertaken prior to the March PC meeting with any recommendations circulated by the Friday before the meeting. A recommendation for the one current application was made at the meeting.                         Action 1.06: Ongoing

Action 1.07: Clerk To circulate submitted Parish Council comments relating to application 18/02285/FUL at 4 The Square.                               Action 1.07: Ongoing.

Note. The Borough website states no input from Parish Council in Decision Notice.

The Chair closed the Planning full Council meeting at 7.35pm


Minutes of the Full Council Planning Meeting held on Monday 10th February 2020 7.00pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT:  Eric Benton (Chair), Nigel Jacobs, Graeme Dinner, Marc Frost, Geoff Odell, Richard Draycott, James Carroll, John Maskell.

There were no members of the public.


Bernard Crease, Mark Brooks, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk). Borough Councillor Graeme Coombes would be late as attending other meetings.

There were no declarations of interest received for the meeting.


No public statements received.



Report had been received on day of the meeting.

Note. The Borough Councillor updates in these minutes were provided at the end of the meeting when Councillor Coombes arrived but are reported here.

Action 2.05 (19): GC To clarify with the local authority the chain of communications during such an incident and who tells Cadent there is an emergency plan in place in the parish. GC stated he had circulated details of the process of how Emergency Plans are publicised but would send them again.

Action 2.05 (19): Ongoing

Action 11.05: GC To pursue Cotton End Road width of footway concern reported to local authority, widening the path as part of their capital improvement works.  GC reported that the Highways capital programme was yet to be finalised. He would be pushing for Luton Rd / Bedford Rd to be given priority but would also try and get this footway included.

Action 11.05: Ongoing

GC advised the Council that the new surgery for Wixams is now expected 2023/24. Previous information from Beds CCG has been that their aim was a surgery by the end of 2022. GC agreed to copy the PC with his latest info on this surgery.                     Action 2.04 GC


Action 1.09: GD To attend the police priority meeting on 8th January, HGV action day positive feedback and further action to be encouraged.                  Action 1.09: Complete

Police thanked for the day/half day of action in the village which seemed to be well received. It appears some HGVs are still continuing to ignore the diversion   and Police have been asked if they can hold a further day of action in the village.  Hopefully by the next meeting the A6 is back open and Parish Council can look to set a priority in line with other areas.

Next police priority meeting 8th April.


Action 5.14: MB/JC To ensure completion of work with contractor following site visit to look at the water logged spinner area

Action 5.14: Complete

Action 1.10: Clerk To reimburse MB for some membrane material that the contractors had used.

                                          Action 1.10: Complete

Action 6.10: PAWG To liaise with the grass contractor to arrange for the weed killing to be carried out on the safety surface / path. The Clerk has confirmed that the contractor has the appropriate knowledge for using weed killer.                                Action 6.10: Ongoing

Action 6.11: PAWG To proceed with a site visit by prospective contractors EcoSurface and Abacus Playgrounds in order to prepare more detailed quotations for the new safety surface. Also to ensure appropriate fall height / area by the Wicksteed metal climber, and check compliance with appropriate legislation.                                        Action 6.11: Ongoing


Action 6.31: MF To confirm the location of the CCTV lamp post to enable the visibility to be sufficient. Position identified.                               Action 6.31 Complete.

Final signed licence of apparatus issued by local authority.  Now that the PC has approval for the equipment installation it can arrange for work to be scheduled. Provided the prices (£5K + £1200 installation) have not risen by over £200 then the PC agreed to proceed and authorise payment.

MF/Clerk to instruct South East Security to prepare and submit a project plan (timescales, map and power connection). There will be things which the PC will need to consider along the way e.g. who has access to the data, but until the extent of these is known  it's difficult to pre-empt them.

Action 2.05 MF/Clerk

MF also proposed the PC doesn't insure the equipment as per the PC's usual practice with certain other assets. Councillors to consider this proposal.

Action 2.06 All Councillors

Once the equipment is operational, the PC can advise the police and BCC of their existence. SES have been asked if there's anything else the PC needs to consider prior to work commencing.

Action 9.10: RD/EB To seek more information regarding the ongoing management and associated costs of a vehicle activated sign, prior to the Council deciding on whether to progress with purchasing. Sufficient information is now available. Purchasing on hold until Average Speed Cameras installation finalised for Cotton End Rd and then it can be seen if there is a need for vehicle activated signs in between.                                    Action 9.10: Complete

Action 1.11: Clerk To follow up given the lack of planning decision notice regarding 18/00433/MAO to ensure the average speed camera condition can be factored into the above plan.  Officer contacted, response circulated.                              Action 1.11: Complete

The outline planning permission of the above application included a contribution to Average Speed Cameras. However, these funds are unlikely to be available to fund any installation in the near future so the PC needs to ascertain whether the developer could pay retrospectively or establish other ways to avoid losing any such planning gain monies.                Action 2.07 EB / F&GPWG

Action 1.12: EB/RD To continue liaison with the Borough Council on A6 completion and remedial action on Luton and Bedford Roads following completion. Monthly meetings with the Borough officers continue.     On a recent A6 visit the Contractors confirmed completion was expected March (possibly end February).                                   Action 1.12: Ongoing

Borough had advised PC of possible availability of road planings. It was reported that these could be used for the allotment in the wheel tracks. EWG to ascertain what monies would be needed to undertake this work.                                   Action 2.08 EWG

Borough to be advised of Lambing Day on 15th March so that the associated anticipated heavy traffic going along Cotton End Rd to Elms Lane can be considered when selecting dates for the planned temporary closures of Luton Rd and the A6 south of the Luton Rd junction.      Action 2.09 EB

The Allotment Society have asked for an additional water tap as some allotments are a long way from the taps. A quote to be sought.                               Action 2.10 EWG.

It is then suggested that the Allotment Society apply for a grant to get this work done. This is so that the Allotment Society can organize and monitor the work.

Action 11.04:   NJ To feedback the Council agreement to local authority adopting 9 streetlights at a cost of approximately £14000. This agreement has been fed back to Bedford Borough.

Action 11.04 Complete          

The Borough have now said that only 8 lights are now required and they will advise the PC of the exact costs of 8 new lights and one removal along with associated timescales. The work was stated by the Borough as being planned for Feb / March though this might change

Action 1.13: EWG To check the recent structural test report against Andy Muskett Ltd recent report, to review specific comments relating to W2 light in Cotton End Road.     Action 1.13: Complete

Action 1.14: RD To liaise with Andy Muskett that Christmas lights be left in situ. This will avoid the cost of taking them down and then putting them back up.          Action 1.14: Complete

Action 1.07: RD To review the Cotton End Road footway area to see if the surface is smooth or not, and feedback. Surface broken. Requires major work to the ditch before resurfacing.

Action 1.07: Complete

Action 1.08: Clerk NJ requested to see confirmation of Internal Drainage Board responsibility, Clerk to circulate parish map again. Map sent. Action 1.08: Comp     

     ction 1.08: Complete

A           Action 1.08: Complee


Action 1.15: RD To ensure the local authority put up the appropriate signage on the A6 to alert motorists to crossing pedestrians. This was discussed at the monthly meetings with the Borough and it was agreed that signs will be put up near both Public Footpaths which cross the A6.

Action 1.15: Ongoing

Following requests from the Parish Council white lines have been put at the junction of Whitworth Way and road leading to Wooding Way. This makes it clear that vehicles proceeding along Whitworth Way have priority.


Action 10.11A (17) NJ To ascertain whether Persimmon will agree to the staggered release of the Section 106 monies. Whilst there is some movement in getting the MUGA, LEAP and LAPs up to adoptable standards there has been no agreement on staggering the circa £234k section 106 monies. It had been previously agreed to adopt all the Persimmon land except the balancing pond as the PC has no expertise in managing this type of specialist infrastructure.           Action 10.11A (17) Ongoing

Action 2.16: F&GP WG To source quotations for the works to the Village Car Park. Quotes received from Borough.                                   Action 2.16 (19): Complete

The Working Group recommended that the Borough install rubber 'ramps' to prevent vehicles getting too close to the wall at a cost of £2400. The PC voted 5 to 3 in favour of this recommendation. Borough to be informed of decision.                      Action 2.11 F&GPWG/Clerk.

Action 4.10 (18): F & GP WG To update and sign the Jubilee Centre lease given the length of time that has now passed and the lack of response from the solicitors and to be registered with the Land Registry. No progress

Action 4.10 (18): Ongoing

Action 10.09 (18): F & GP WG To sign the woodland transfer document Another version has been provided by L&Q. This has been discussed with the Borough and some issues raised. A meeting with the Forest of Marston Vale has been arranged to get their views on this latest version. The Borough will take any proposed changes from the PC and/or FoMV and discuss these with L&Q

Action 10.09 (18): Ongoing

Action 1.16: F&GP WG To see if the L&Q payment of £89k could be passed to the Forest of Marston Vale without going through the PC's books and possibly incurring bank charges.  This didn't appear to be possible in the time available,                         Action 1.16: Complete

Action 1.17: F&GP WG To transfer the £89k funds associated with the community woodland to the Forest of Marston Vale who are undertaking the tree planting and site management. The money was transferred to the FoMV via the PC's account.                Action 1.17: Complete

The second tranche of tree planting was undertaken on February 9th

Action 5.02:

All To fill the vacancy for the Village Hall Management Committee Parish Council representative.  JM volunteered to be the Parish Council's representative on the Village Hall management Committee.

Action 5.02: Complete

Village Hall Management Committee to be informed.                Action 2.12 Clerk

Action 6.27: Clerk To use Outlook 365 new Council email address going forwards to enable the transfer over of this as it needs to become the main Clerk communication address.  Old email is set up to forward emails to new email address                    Action 6.27: Complete

Action 7.19: Clerk/MB/MF To commence uploading of Parish Council documents to the PC website as and when they are reviewed

Standing Orders to be uploaded and the Burial Ground rules. This action was 'On Hold' whilst the PC's website was finalised. The PC website is now available for documents to be uploaded.

Action 7.19: Ongoing

Action 9.14: Clerk/BC To issue BC with the relevant paperwork and submit them . BC's Register of Interest form has been submitted to the Local Authority. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office is yet to be signed and submitted                                   Action 9.14: Ongoing

Action 10.09: NJ To continue to investigate and pursue adequate healthcare and pharmacy provisions in the parish.  

Healthcare. PC still awaiting contact from Beds CCG IT to arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities of video doctor consultations. Beds CCG have said that two surgeries do this.

Pharmacy. NHS have just responded to the PC's October 19 email requesting information on any application for a pharmacy in Wixams and clarification of the process of approving new pharmacies. NHS gave a description of the process but didn't comment on any Wixams application.

No further action considered necessary               Action 10.09: Complete

Action  11.06: F&GP WG To arrange meeting with Beds CCG IT to discuss video link doctors appointments, as some surgeries already do this.  See Action 10.09 report

Action  11.06: Ongoing

Action 10.11: F&GP WG To continue to pursue possible adoption of land off Bedford Road with communications with the Borough Officer to include clarity on the length of the lease, and the associated management and costs of potential traveller encampments to be considered by the Working Group.    No progress. Still to ascertain costs of previous traveller incursions.

Action 10.11: Ongoing

Action 10.14: Clerk To issue Geoff Odell the new Parish Councillor necessary paperwork. GO sent Register of Interest form. Declaration of Acceptance of Office still to be provided and signed.   Form printed off but not available at meeting  as planned because of Clerk's absence.

Action 10.14: Ongoing

Action 10.15: MB GO to be issued a Parish Council email address.       Action 10.15: Ongoing

Action 1.18: MF/F&GPWG To set up all Councillors moving to a uniform platform which would enable access to an improved system for all users MF reported on the introduction of Office 365 and its simple set up process. This system can, if needs be, run in parallel with any others the Councillors use for their non-Parish Council use. Help will be given to those who need advice in set up and usage.     MF has Councillor user names and passwords. Councillors to contact MF for any assistance.

Action 1.18: Ongoing

Action 10.26: NJ/F&GP WG To respond to the External Auditor to highlight the Parish Council response to the audit comments. Following discussions with other Parish Councils it was decided to separately challenge the External Auditor's comments on the PC's contracting of Administration Services. Another letter is being drafted.                    Action 10.26: Ongoing

Action 11.14A Clerk To check that such a PC expense is permissible.  Response from BATPC received and circulated.                               Action 11.14A Complete

Action 1.19: Clerk To respond to the Footpath Group's proposal that the Parish Council part fund the cost of the diversion of Footpath 7 nearer the wood because it had perceived advantages to residents as well as the landowner. The Parish Council decided in January not to part fund the cost of this diversion but would consider assisting with costs associated with path furniture if the diversion was successful.                                     Action 1.19: Ongoing

Action 1.20: Clerk To advertise Councillor vacancy. Vacancy notified to Borough and advertised on village notice board. Parish  Council have ability to co-opt if they wish.

Action 1.20: Complete

Action 1.21: F&GP WG To take out another 2 year bond with Cambridge & Counties Bank at 2% annual interest.  Paperwork for new bond received.               Action 1.21: Complete

Action 1.22: F&GP WG To make a future recommendation on Parish Council reserves and associated policy for consideration.

MF has reported to the PC regarding what Reserves other PC's hold. Guidance to be proposed by F&GP WG and agreed by Council and incorporated into the Financial Regulations.

Action 1.22: Ongoing

Action 1.24: Clerk To submit the Parish Council precept to Bedford Borough Council requesting £46,000. Problems with printing the document and getting them signed has delayed it submission to the Borough beyond the response date of end of January.               Action 1.24: Ongoing


Action 10.23: Clerk To contact the local shops in the area at the Crossroads to advise them of the planned work for this area. It was agreed to propose removing the hedge and replace it with plants.

Action 10.23: Ongoing

Action 10.24: EB To seek quotations improve this area (see Action 10.23) Quotations to include the hedge removal.                                   Action 10.24: Ongoing

Action 1.23: EB To review request from Bowls Club for improved lighting on Bedford Road at entrance to Jubilee Way.    No action on this to date.                     Action 1.23: Ongoing

Recommendation to close this WG and transfer responsibility to the Finance & GP Working Group or Environment WG was agreed. Amend Working Group Structure     Action 2.13 F&GP WG


(i)Payment of accounts: 

Payee          Service                                  Amount

Barnicoat Ltd                                 Clerking service January £887.37

CPRE Neighbourhood Plan workshop £29.00 per attendee (5 attendees)

Good Neighbours Scheme insurance reimbursement £217.52

Web site renewal (to Marc Frost) £18.99 and £8.99

We Are IT Ltd: Cost of setting up Office 365:  £1488.96 spread over 4 quarterly payments. (£372.24 initially and the same on 1/5, 1/8 and 1/11)

It was unanimously agreed to pay the above items electronically, MF declared an interest and took no part in the decision it was noted.

Payments made out of meeting

Plus Net Telephone and broadband £ direct debit

Eon Uk Ltd Street lighting energy £123.10 direct debit

The Council had previously agreed to approve payment for these items.

Bank Accounts. Because of the £85k cap on guarantees on bank accounts it was agreed to annually review whether to have other accounts in other Banks as the PC is likely to have much more in its accounts in future due to section 106 payments etc. This review to be included in the PC's Financial Regulations.                                     Action 2.14 F&GP WG

Payments. The payment of invoices between meetings was discussed. Advice from T&PC seems to indicate that all payments need to be agreed by the full council with a few exceptions.

A proposed list of payments that would be allowed between meetings was discussed and these included, Clerking costs, Bus Shelter Cleaning, Grass Cutting, Insurance, Parish Office & Jubilee Retainer. A full schedule of payments that could be made between meetings to be presented at the March PC Meeting for discussion / agreement.  In the meantime, Financial Regulations to be amended to show what it is possible to authorise between meetings.          Action 2.15 F&GP WG

Action 11.10: EB To review the recent water bill in greater detail as it appears very high.

Bills from Anglian Water since April 2018 have included substantially increased charges for   sewerage. Typical charge previously was £60, now changed to £400 - £600 per quarter. This is wrong as most of the water used (for watering Bowling Green, Allotments and Playing Field) is not returned to the sewer. EB has appealed to Anglian Water. First response was that a sub-meter has to be fitted to measure how much water is not being returned. Considered impractical and further appeal lodged. Once a correct rate has been agreed Bowls Club and Jubilee Centre will need to be billed for the cost of water since April 2018.                               Action 11.10: Ongoing

(ii) Financial spreadsheet 2019/20

The January reconciliation had been circulated. No concerns were raised by Councillors.

Training. New Councillors were reminded of Training Course circulated earlier by the Clerk and encouraged to go on the Induction Course.                     Action 2.16 BC,GO,JM


It was unanimously agreed that the January meeting minutes be signed as a true and accurate record by the Chair.  All matters arising had been covered.


NALC Events Bulletin emails

Age Partnership email promoting services

BBC Planning weekly list email  

Homewatch newsletter copy  

Online playgrounds promotional information  

BBC letter acknowledging receipt of planning comments  

CPRE update emails  

Bank statements

Crime statistics - forwarded

ERTA Voluntary Transport email  

BBC Weekly Licensing list

BBC Officer communications regarding CCTV license of apparatus request

Allotment tenant various communications

Burial ground and associated communications

Parish Council article submitted to Homewatch

BBC Officer and Police communications regarding average speed camera data – received and circulated to Councillors

Planning Application at Borough Council Planning Committee meeting regarding 18/00433/MAO Land to the rear of 85 Cotton End Road communications

Beds Police newsletter – forwarded  

Resident concern over lights at Cotton End Road not working – responded to and forwarded to Highways Helpdesk as well

Communications with A R Worboys over cheque return - resolved

Copied into communications regarding Persimmon open space negotiations  

Copied into communications regarding street lighting column adoption request to local authority – to be covered during meeting

BBC Wixams Joint Development Control Committee, Tuesday, 17th December, 2019, draft minutes

BBC Town and Parish Network meeting information - circulated

Copied into communications with Borough Council Officer regarding Village Car Park quotation

Communication sent to BBC Officer regarding CIL payment schedule as noticed that outstanding monies due to parish – chased again and copied GC into email

BBC Planning Officer feedback to communication regarding PC engaging in planning conditions – forwarded

CPRE Fieldwork magazine


Matters as arisen

The Chair closed the meeting at 9.15pm.