Minutes of the Full Council Planning Meeting

held on Monday 6th January 2020 7.00pm in the Jubilee Centre

PRESENT:  Nigel Jacobs (Chair), Graeme Dinner, Mark Brooks, Marc Frost, Bernard Crease, Geoff Odell, Richard Draycott, Borough Councillor Graeme hangCoombes, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk) and no members of the public.


There were apologies for absence received and accepted from James Carroll, John Maskell and Eric Benton.   There were no declarations of interest received for the meeting.


No public statements received.


a) 19/02680/FUL erection of porch to front and two storey and single storey rear extension at 2 The Square Wilstead – the Council reviewed the application and had no objection.

b)  19/02619/FUL Two storey side extension at 73 Bedford Road – the Council reviewed the application, they had no objection as long as the proposal does not impact on the right of way arrangement in place with the neighbouring properties.

c)  19/02719/FUL Demolition of existing extension and car port, and erection of single storey side extension at 12 Pollards Close – the Council reviewed the plans and no objection to the application.

d) 19/02710/FUL single storey rear extension and porch to front at 15 Whitworth Way – the Council reviewed the plans and had no objection to the application, however, asked the Officer to take into account the neighbouring property and any comments from them, as they would be most impacted.  The Council also wished to note that the drawings illustrating the proposals are not consistent, there is a window included in the garage in one drawing, which does not appear in another submitted proposed drawing.

Clerk to submit planning responses to local authority.        Action 1.01: Clerk


19/02234/FUL Single storey front/side extension following removal of existing converted garage (revised scheme) at 20 Cotton End Road – application permitted

19/02116/FUL Erection of front porch and two storey rear extension at 2 The Square - application refused

19/01836/PIP Application for permission in principle for residential development for up to 2 dwellings at Land Adj 140 Cotton End Road – application refused

19/01211/MAO Outline planning application with all matters reserved (except for access), for the demolition of existing buildings on site and residential development of up to 80 dwellings with public open space, access from Luton Road (not internal roads), and landscaping works at Land East Of Luton Road – application refused

19/00628/FUL Erection of detached dwelling and new access at Land To The Rear Of 96 Cotton End Road – application permitted

19/00364/COU Change of use of (C3) dwelling house to (D1) Childcare facility at Hoylake 42 Luton Road – application refused


Action 11.01: Clerk  19/02432/COU change of use of a C3 dwelling to a C2 children's home to accommodate a maximum of two children at 18 Bedford Road. Clerk asked to liaise with the Officer directly to better understand how the Parish Council can engage in this application.      Enquiry sent to Officer, Officer response circulated, the matter of occupants is not considered to be a material planning matter. PC comments submitted, Officer decision issued.      Action 11.01: Complete

Clerk to include address in published minutes.        Action 1.02: Clerk

Clerk to circulate 19/02432/COU decision notice.        Action 1.03: Clerk

Action 11.02: Clerk 18/00433/MAO outline application for 65 houses at land rear of 85 Cotton End Road Clerk was asked to circulate the associated planning conditions so Councillors could better understand these. The decision notice not yet been published online, will monitor.       Action 11.02: Ongoing

Action 11.03: Clerk To notify planning enforcement of some parish matters. Reported, Officer has reviewed, one is permitted development, one is deemed acceptable, Councillors sent updates.        Action 11.03: Complete


The Borough Council had circulated the Local Plan Inspectors letter, which supported the document being sound.

The recent planning application relating to Willington and overturning of a local authority decision due to their Neighbourhood Plan was discussed in light of the position of the village following recent application decision for land rear of Cotton End Road.  It was agreed that the Parish Council should follow this up through GC and the local authority.          Action 1.04: Clerk

To circulate the planning material consideration document as a useful resource for Councillors.                Action 1.05: Clerk

NJ outlined that the Planning Working Group would be appointed to formulate a draft response with a recommendation to the full Council on how best to respond to the planning applications, with the draft responses to be circulated ahead of the meeting.  This was agreed as an effective approach.     Action 1.06: PWG

Submitted Parish Council comments relating to application 18/02285/FUL at 4 The Square to be circulated.               Action 1.07: Clerk

The Chair closed the Planning full Council meeting at 7.40pm


Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 6th January 2020 7.40pm in the Jubilee Centre

PRESENT:  Nigel Jacobs (Chair), Graeme Dinner, Mark Brooks, Marc Frost, Bernard Crease, Geoff Odell, Richard Draycott, Borough Councillor Graeme Coombes, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk) and no members of the public.


There were apologies for absence received and accepted from James Carroll, John Maskell and Eric Benton.   There were no declarations of interest received for the meeting.


No public statements received.



No report had been received ahead of the meeting.

Action 2.05: GC To clarify with the local authority the chain of communications during such an incident and who tells Cadent there is an emergency plan in place in the parish Response received and circulated. It remains unclear as to how the existence of an Emergency Plan is publicised. GC to pursue again.                 Action 2.05: Ongoing

Action 11.05: GC To pursue Cotton End Road width of footway concern reported to local authority, widening the path as part of their capital improvement works.  GC had followed up, Officer response circulated, some work has been carried out to ascertain ownership of the ditch.  GC would be following this up again to pursue access to funding for the scheme.           Action 11.05: Ongoing

RD to review the Cotton End Road footway area to see if the surface is smooth or not, and feedback.                Action 1.07: RD

NJ requested to see confirmation of Internal Drainage Board responsibility, Clerk to circulate parish map again.                Action 1.08: Clerk


GD due to attend the police priority meeting on 8th January, HGV action day positive feedback and further action to be encouraged.             Action 1.09: GD


Action 5.14: MB/JC To ensure completion of work with contractor following site visit to look at the water logged spinner area. Playdale are on site currently to start the repair as agreed electronically, all Councillors copied into.  MB and GO have monitored closely and will be onsite to monitor the work in person as well.                Action 5.14: Ongoing

It was agreed that MB to be reimbursed for some membrane material that the contractors had used.  MB took no part in the vote on this matter.           Action 1.10: Clerk

Action 6.10: PWG To liaise with the grass contractor to arrange for the weed killing to be carried out on the safety surface.  This would be followed up once the Orbit spinner repair completed.     Action 6.10: Ongoing

Action 6.11: PWG To proceed with a site visit by prospective contractors EcoSurface and Abacus Playgrounds to prepare more detailed quotations for the new safety surface, to ensure appropriate fall height / area by the Wicksteed metal climber, and check compliance with appropriate legislation.  JC to be asked for an update on the progress of this.          Action 6.11: Ongoing


Items continue to be reported between meetings.

Action 6.31: MF To confirm the location of the CCTV lamp post to enable the visibility to be sufficient Signed license of apparatus returned to local authority      Action 6.31: Ongoing

Action 9.10: RD/EB To seek more information regarding the ongoing management and associated costs of a vehicle activated sign, prior to the Council deciding on whether to progress with purchasing On hold until the completion of the A6 resurfacing works and the diversion through the village has ceased.  It will be considered what will be most effective in terms of average speed camera locations in the parish.  RD and EB to recommence looking at the options.          Action 9.10: RD/EB

Given the lack of planning decision notice regarding 18/00433/MAO Clerk to follow up to ensure the average speed camera condition can be factored into the above plan.     Action 1.11: Clerk

There continues to be liaison with the Borough Council on A6 completion and remedial action on Luton and Bedford Roads following completion, this will continue.     Action 1.12: EB/RD

Action 11.04:   NJ To feedback the Council agreement to local authority adopting all 9 streetlights at a cost of approximately £14000. The Parish Council have confirmed their wish for the lights to be adopted and the designs completed, identifying W2 Cotton End Road to be given priority. Now awaiting timescales from the Borough                Action 11.04: Ongoing

It was agreed that the recent structural test report to be checked against Andy Muskett Ltd recent report, to review specific comments relating to W2 light in Cotton End Road.     Action 1.13: EWG

Action 11.06: RD To engage with the contractor to arrange the Christmas lights to be put up.                    Action 11.06: Complete

The cost of securing lights, connection and fixing to existing tree agreed as: lights £251.86, connection and figment of lights £325, the total £576.86 had been approved in between meetings to ensure the parish could benefit in time.  The Christmas lights have attracted favourable comment which is pleasing.  Looking ahead to this year, agreed that lights to be taken down and to be stored by Andy Muskett, RD to liaise regarding this.  

          Action 1.14: RD

Whether to proceed with a tree and the necessary infrastructure it was agreed to hold off making a decision until the CCTV post is in situ as this may impact on whether it is possible, or not, to have a tree at this location as well.

Action 11.09: EB To arrange for the cutting of the hedges within the Jubilee Centre compound. Future cutting to be included in the contractor specification

     Action 11.09: EB : Complete

Action 11.10: Clerk To include Grass cutting, Action 11.09 to be added to the Environment Working Group report.                Action 11.10: Complete

The recent communication from the local authority regarding the cattlepass was disappointing, RD has therefore requested that there is appropriate signage placed on the A6 to alert motorists to crossing pedestrians.  RD to monitor to ensure the signage is put up.          Action 1.15: RD


Action 10.11A (17) NJ To ascertain whether Persimmon will agree to the staggered release of the Section 106 monies. Persimmon are bringing the Public Open Spaces and play equipment up to an adoptable standard.  The Council sighted the work list and fed back outstanding work that had been omitted.  On recommendation of the Council's Tree Warden, a more appropriate tree to accompany the bench which together would replace the missing Local Area of Play (LAP) was suggested.  The Parish Council has again asked for a meeting regarding adoption and the circa £240k monies associated with it. The Borough Council Legal Officer has requested the required transfer documentation again from Persimmon.

Action 10.11A (17) Ongoing

Action 2.16: F&GP WG To source quotations for the works to the Village Car Park. An alternative quote, to the one received to date, was sought from the Borough Council.  Options being looked at include pinning down the existing concrete posts or installing specialised rubber sections designed to stop vehicle encroachment.  The Working Group have asked for quotes for both options.     Action 2.16 (19): Ongoing

Action 4.10 (18): F & GP WG To sign the Jubilee Centre lease given the length of time that has now passed and the lack of response from the solicitors and to be registered with the Land Registry.     Action 4.10 (18): Ongoing

Action 10.09 (18): F & GP WG To sign the woodland transfer documents. L&Q have taken from July 2018 when the transfer details were agreed to produce this document. The matter is proceeding and Borough Council awaiting final version.           Action 10.09 (18): Ongoing

The Parish Council have issued an invoice to L&Q for £89k which was the agreed first yearly payment, payment expected imminently.  It was agreed that payment to be placed on hold in light of the significant audit and banking charges and implications if the Parish Council were to receive these funds.  The F&GP WG and GC to follow this up to see if payment could be made direct to Marston Vale Forest Centre.     Action 1.16: F&GP WG

It was unanimously resolved that the £89k funds associated with the community woodland must be paid to the Forest of Marston Vale who are undertaking the tree planting and site management, resolution passed.                Action 1.17: F&GP WG

Action 5.02: All To fill the vacancy for the Village Hall Management Committee Parish Council representative.               Action 5.02: Ongoing

Action 6.27: Clerk To use Outlook 365 new Council email address going forwards to enable the transfer over of this as it needs to become the main Clerk communication address.  This transition is nearly fully done.                Action 6.27: Ongoing

Action 7.19: Clerk/MB/MF To commence uploading of Parish Council documents to the PC website as and when they are reviewed Standing Orders to be uploaded and the Burial Ground rules. These are now agreed and EB will forward by email for upload. On hold until PC website settled.     Action 7.19: On Hold

Action 7.20: EB / MF To review banking arrangements including dual authorisation of electronic payments to next meeting   MF has visited branch to become signatory, this has been processed.  Dual authorisation is in place and being used only when required for speedy payments to be made.     Action 7.20: Complete  

Action 9.14: Clerk To issue BC with the relevant paperwork. BC Register of Interest form submitted to local authority, Declaration of Acceptance of Office to be signed at January meeting.     Action 9.14: Ongoing

Action 10.09: F&GP WG To continue to investigate and pursue adequate healthcare and pharmacy provisions in the parish.  Healthcare – there is no update.  Pharmacy – the Council contacted NHS England in October regarding the reported application for a pharmacy in Wixams, there is no live application at present.  Wixmas Parish Council are not pursuing as no application to respond with.  The Parish Council has sought to understand the process of setting up a new pharmacy and how the effect on existing pharmacies would be taken into account, no response to date.          Action 10.09: Ongoing

Action  11.06: F&GP WG To arrange meeting with Beds CCG IT to discuss video link doctors appointments, as some surgeries already do this.  Contact made to request a meeting with IT to discuss the possibility of having video doctor appointments, no response to meeting request.     Action  11.06: Ongoing

Action 10.11: F&GP WG To continue to pursue possible adoption of land off Bedford Road with communications with the Borough Officer to include clarity on the length of the lease, and the associated management and costs of potential traveller encampments to be considered by the Working Group.     Action 10.11: Ongoing

Action 10.14: Clerk To issue Geoff Odell the new Parish Councillor necessary paperwork. GO sent Register of Interest form Declaration of Acceptance of Office to be signed at January meeting.     Action 10.14: Ongoing

Action 10.15: MB GO to be issued a Parish Council email address.       Action 10.15: Ongoing

The Working Group made a recommendation for the full Council to consider moving all Councillors across to a uniform platform which would enable access to an improved system for all users.  The price of £9.40 per user, per month was voted on with four Councillors in favour of moving to for a trial period of six months, resolution passed.  Support was offered to all with set up and Working Group to take forwards.     Action 1.18: MF/F&GPWG

Action 10.20: MF To purchase a laptop which would become Parish Council property, MF to look into suitable model at a value up to £1k.  Working Group recommendation made, model purchased within budget.                 Action 10.20: Complete

Action 10.26: F&GP WG To respond to the External Auditor to highlight the Parish Council response to the audit comments.          Action 10.26: Ongoing

Action 10.27: F&GP WG The Parish Council to copy their response to some local Councils.

The Council were contacted by Elstow Parish Council to discuss the status of the clerking provider.  Response given that that Wilstead did not have a Parish Clerk and the Responsible Finance Officer was a Councillor.  The Parish Council believes that both these stances are allowed under Local Government rules.  No need to copy response to local Councils.          Action 10.27: Complete

Action 11.07: Clerk To send a letter of thanks to Jackie Lloyd for her tireless work on the village website                  Action 11.07: Complete

Action 11.13: F&GP WG To make a recommendation and prepare a draft Precept for the full Council's approval on 6th January . The F&GPWG collated the Working Group spokespersons' inputs and recommended a £46k precept.          Action 11.13: Complete

Action 11.14: F&GP WG To consider a proposal from the Footpath Group that the Parish Council part fund a diversion of part of Footpath 7 as there were perceived benefits for residents. Recommendation received.               Action 11.14: Complete

Action 11.14A Clerk To check that such a PC expense is permissible.  Clarity has been sought from BATPC and local authority, response from local authority received.       Action 11.14A Ongoing

The full Council discussed the Footpath Group proposal, NJ declared an interest in the matter and took no part in the vote, a vote was taken.  Five Councillors were not in favour of making a financial contribution to the proposal to part fund a landowner application to divert a public right away, one Councillor was in favour.  The Clerk to respond to the Group outlining that the Parish Council would not make a financial contribution, however, if the farmer is successful with their application, then like with other village organisations you are welcome to approach the Parish Council again for an application to support the necessary infrastructure.      Action 1.19: Clerk

GC left at this point of the meeting.

It was noted that a resident had expressed concern over the state of the old heating oil tank retaining walls in Pollards Close, had been reported to the Borough Council.  The grass cutting contribution of £2,435.14 had been requested from Borough Council.

The recent Councillor resignation of Andrew Bartram was reported to the Borough Council, poster advertising vacancy to be displayed.           Action 1.20: Clerk

The Working Group recommendation following a bond maturity, was to take out another 2 year bond with Cambridge & Counties Bank at 2% annual interest, full Council approved this.      Action 1.21: F&GP WG

The Working Group would be making a future recommendation on Parish Council reserves and associated policy for consideration.          Action 1.22: F&GP WG


Action 6.20: Clerk To make contact again with the shops at The Crossroads, and to write regarding the large pot hole.  Recent private work has commenced on site.     Action 6.20: To be Deleted

Action 10.23: Clerk To contact the local shops in the area at the Crossroads to advise them of the planned work for this area.           Action 10.23: Clerk  

Action 10.24: EB To seek quotations improve this area (see Action 10.23)        Action 10.24: Ongoing

Action 11.08: Clerk To alert funeral directors of the new specific burials  email address for contacting the Parish Council            Action 11.08: Complete

Request received from Bowls Club for improved lighting on Bedford Road at entrance to Jubilee Way               Action 1.23: EB


(i)Payment of accounts: 

Payee          Service                                  Amount

Barnicoat Ltd                                 Clerking service December £887.37

A R Worboys Ltd Hedge maintenance SI1173 £2688.00

Andy Muskett Ltd  street lighting maintenance £95.52

Bedford Borough Council Whitworth Way Car park rent £119.00

Wilstead Methodist Church Village car park lighting £50.00

Wilstead Endowned Charity tea party donation £50.00

It was unanimously agreed to pay the above items electronically.

Payments made out of meeting

Plus Net Telephone and broadband £29.81 direct debit

Barnicoat Ltd  Clerking service November £887.37

Eon Uk LtdStreet lighting energy £123.10 direct debit

BRCC Housing survey Neighbourhood Plan £2357.84

Andy Muskett Ltd Christmas lights £576.86

The Play Inspection Company inspection fee £240.00

The Council had previously agreed to approve payment for these items.

Action 11.10: Clerk To review the recent water bill in greater detail as it appears very high EB has kindly offered to assist with this, claim submitted to Anglian Water for establishment of a reduced sewerage rate as most of the water used is not returned to the sewers, possible rebate     Action 11.10: Ongoing

MB declared an interest in the following item and took no part in the vote.  It was unanimously agreed to proceed with reimbursement of the safety fencing hire for the Orbit spinner once this has been removed on site, invoice expected from Mark Brooks.

(ii) Financial spreadsheet 2019/20

The November and December reconciliation had been circulated, no areas of concern arose.

(iii) Budget and precept consideration for 2020/21

Action 11.11: Clerk To prepare the November reconciled accounts for circulation     Action 11.11: Complete

Action 11.12: Clerk To check the level of precept increase that may result in a local referendum to be checked with BATPC following some recent feedback from the local authority. Enquiry sent, response received and circulated.          Action 11.12: Complete

The Parish Council had received a recommendation from the Finance and General Purposes Working Group for a budget plan for 2020/21 which had been reviewed in detail.  The full Council resolved to approve the budget for 2020/21.

The Parish Council had received a recommendation from the Finance and General Purposes Working Group for the precept for 2020/21, taking into account the planned expenditure and budgeted income.  It was unanimously agreed by the full Council to submit a precept request to Bedford Borough Council requesting £46,000, resolution passed.                Action 1.24: Clerk


It was unanimously agreed that the November meeting minutes be signed as a true and accurate record by the Chair.  All matters arising had been covered.


EB apologies for January meeting

NALC Events Bulletin emails

Age Partnership email promoting services

BBC Planning weekly list email  

Homewatch newsletter copy  

Online playgrounds promotional information  

BBC letter acknowledging receipt of planning comments  

CPRE update emails  

Bank statements

Crime statistics - forwarded

ERTA Voluntary Transport email  

BBC Weekly Licensing list

BBC Officer communications regarding CCTV license of apparatus request

Allotment tenant various communications

Burial ground and associated communications

Parish Council article submitted to Homewatch

BBC Officer and Police communications regarding average speed camera data – received and circulated to Councillors

BATPC email regarding consultation - Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments

Planning Application at Borough Council Planning Committee meeting regarding 18/00433/MAO Land to the rear of 85 Cotton End Road communications

Beds Police newsletter – forwarded  

Copied into communications between GC and Borough Council regarding narrow footway along Cotton End Road

Bedford Borough Council planning conference material circulated

Resident communications regarding discussion at November Parish Council meeting – responded to

Copied into communication from Persimmon play area individual seeking feedback

Copied into communications regarding Christmas lighting

Resident concern over lights at Cotton End Road not working – responded to and forwarded to Highways Helpdesk as well

BATPC LGA 1972 s 137 limit 2020-21 – circulated to WG

BBC Temporary Closure Hampton Close Footpath BBC 2247 FC DM 02.12.2019 – circulated

Resident reported fallen mountain ash tree at Longmeadow Drive – responded to resident and forwarded on to Persimmon as well

Bowls Club water meter reading

Resident expressed grateful thanks for being thanked for her work with the village website

Communications with A R Worboys over June cheque payment

Copied into communications regarding Persimmon open space negotiations  

BATPC Disciplinary and grievance arrangements information – forwarded to WG

CPRE Christmas Drinks Invitation

Copied into communications regarding street lighting column adoption request to local authority – to be covered during meeting

Councillor resignation – notified local authority

BBC Agenda for Wixams Joint Development Control Committee, Tuesday, 17th December, 2019, 6.00 pm – circulated

BRCC Housing Needs Survey invoice communications

BBC Town and Parish Network Seasons Greetings

Bedfordshire & Luton Biodiversity Recording & Monitoring Centre Annual Report 2018-19

CPRE Neighbourhood Planning workshop March 2020 in Wilstead - forwarded

BATPC Affiliation fees/Buckingham Palace Garden Party confirmed – forwarded to WG

BBC Council Tax Precept information – forwarded to WG

Resident noted that email sent to GC regarding drain damage due to diversion along Bedford Road had been returned as failed to send – responded to

BBC Temporary Road Closure LUTON ROAD WILSTEAD 2225 PH 1B RC DM – circulated

BBC Temporary Road Closure A6 WILSTEAD BYPASS PH3 2225 RC DM – circulated

Copied into communications with Borough Council Officer regarding Village Car Park quotation

Communication sent to BBC Officer regarding CIL payment schedule as noticed that outstanding monies due to parish

Copied into resident concern sent to Highways Helpdesk regarding A6 diversion being extended

Email regarding No Expressway Group

BBC Officer communications and feedback regarding planning enforcement

BBC Planning Officer feedback to communication regarding PC engaging in planning conditions – forwarded

Annual inspection reports of play equipment – forwarded to all

Copied into HGV Meeting feedback from 3rd December

Copied into resident concern sent to Highways Helpdesk regarding tarmac repairs at Bedford Road carried out

BATPC and BBC clarity sought regarding footpath diversion funding application

Copied into communications regarding video health appointments more information being explored by the WG

Registering of NJ to speak to December Planning Committee meeting

Bowls Club lighting request received – responded to and forwarded

Copied into resident concern sent to Highways Helpdesk regarding traffic lights at Cotton End Road repairs needed

Jubilee Centre hedge work additional required communications

Copied into resident photograph of HGV driving through village

CPRE Fieldwork magazine

BATPC increasing precept clarity sought – forwarded

Resident concern regarding Luton Road damage during A6 diversion works – responded to

Copied into resident concern sent to Highways Helpdesk regarding large hole in Luton Road

Copied into resident concern sent to Highways Helpdesk regarding Gate to contractors storage Luton Road Corner

Copied into resident concern over HGV accessing the village and Highways Helpdesk response

Resident thanks received for Christmas memorial in the Burial Ground

Copied into bond maturity communications


Matters as arisen

The Chair closed the meeting at 10.15pm.