Minutes of the Full Council Planning Meeting

held on Monday 17th June  2019

7.00pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Eric Benton (Vice Chair), Nigel Jacobs (Chair), Marc Frost, Mark Brooks, Graeme Dinner, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk) and one member of the public.


There were apologies for absence received from James Carroll and Andrew Bartram, these were accepted.  There were no declarations of interest received for the agenda.



Outline application for the erection of 30 dwellings (including affordable, self-build and build for rent) with all matters reserved except access at Land Rear Of 25 To 39 Howard Close Wilstead Bedfordshire – It was noted that the Officer had granted the Parish Council an extension in which to respond to the application.  The Parish Council expressed concern regarding this application and wished to highlight all the previous comments made relating to the recent planning applications on this site.  The Parish Council are aware of the change to planning legislation, however, wish to retain their objection given the high density of housing that is being proposed.  The site remain outside of the village settlement boundary.  The application is next to a Country Wildlife site at its eastern corner.  

The development looks cluttered with a narrow highway, which will cause further parking issues in the local area which is already heavily congested.  There has been some further dwellings built along part of the access road so the highways and associated parking issues are very visible.  The drawings show the new dwellings to be of a two storey height which is out of keeping with the street scene in the local vicinity as a number of nearby properties for example along Maple Close are only single storey properties.  It would be more sympathetic to the local area if there were bungalows as part of the development especially given the local need for such properties.  

It was surprising to see a specific request from eight individuals regarding a self build in Wilstead, the Council ask that the Officer confirms these are genuine requests.  The Parish Council also feel the supporting information does not make it clear as to how the future maintenance of the highway and landscaping areas would be managed.  The Parish Council would not support a private road, nor the use of a management company for maintaining the green areas given the many local examples of where this causes ongoing problems.  

It is also unclear from the application as to how the refuse vehicle will access the development and how wheelie bins will be stored.  The Parish Council are also aware of barn owls that use this area as habitat, so given they are a protected species there needs to be assurance that they will not be negatively impacted.  Given the progression of the Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council ask the Officer to be mindful of any comments they may have on this site.  If the Officer is minded to approve the application then the Parish Council feel there needs to be a new right of way from the development to link with Footpath 5.

19/01072/FUL Single storey rear extension at 16 Hooked Lane – the Parish Council have no objection to this application, however, ask the Officer to be mindful of any comments from Number 14.

19/00968/FUL Single storey rear extension to connect to existing garage and garage conversion at 13 Vicarage Lane – the Parish Council have no objection to this application.

The Clerk to submit the responses to the above three applications, copying all Councillors in.Action 6.01: Clerk


18/02966/FUL ground and first floor extension conversion of garage to flats at 2-8 Longmeadow Drive – application refused.

19/00400/FUL single storey side extension at 145 Cotton End Road – application refused.

19/00489/FUL demolition of garage and erection of two bed dwelling at 42 Cotton End Road – application refused.

19/00668/FUL rear and side extension at 5 Northwood Lane – application permitted.

19/0084/FUL loft conversion with front and rear dormer windows at 175A Cotton End Road – application granted.

19/00639/CPNP change of use prior notification of storage to dwelling house request under permitted development at Netherwood Farm, Ivy Lane – application refused.


12/00087/UNDEV enforcement notice appeal relating to land at 140 Cotton End Road – the Council agreed a submission of support to be made to the Planning Inspectorate, that enforcement action is carried out at this site given the impact on the surrounding area relating to flooding.Action 6.02: Clerk

The Borough Council Community Involvement consultation circulated, Councillor feedback welcome.Action 6.03: All

Action 5.05: Clerk/All To trial new format of planning being dealt with at meetings, reporting and recording of planning decisions in the meeting minutes goes, to then decide if a parish planning table is needed as a future item.Action 5.05: Complete

Action 5.06: Clerk To maintain the planning table for the interim period.

Action 5.06: Complete

Agreed that resident feedback to be obtained through a social media survey and Homewatch article to seek resident comments on the planning table.Action 6.04: Clerk/GD

It was noted that the Neighbourhood Plan Group had successfully secured a grant for £8,524.


Minutes of the Full Council Meeting

held on Monday 17th June  2019 7.35pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Richard Draycott, Eric Benton (Vice Chair), Nigel Jacobs (Chair), Marc Frost, Mark Brooks, Graeme Dinner, Borough Councillor Graeme Coombes, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk) and two members of the public.


There were apologies for absence received from James Carroll and Andrew Bartram, these were accepted.  There was a declaration of interest received for the agenda from MB regarding cheques for payment.


It was asked if members of the public are welcome to the planning meeting of the Council, it was confirmed they are, so Clerk to make this clearer on future agendas. Action 6.05: Clerk

It was asked if the parish would have representation at the next police priority setting meeting, it was noted this is expected.  Clerk asked to have Police as a separate future permanent agenda item. Action 6.06: Clerk

The Borough Council speed enforcement vehicle has been in the parish recently, it was asked for GC to request this data copying the Clerk in. Action 6.07: GC

The parking issues around Dines Close at school times was raised.  The Clerk was asked to  feed back expressing the Council's disappointment at the timings of the enforcement Officer visits, and that it is felt they could be more successful in targeting the problems if they were not so visible. Action 6.08: Clerk

The Clerk to copy the Chair, Vice Chair and Spokesperson Working Group into all future  communications with Borough Officers and external organisations. Action 6.09: Clerk



GC circulated report with updates relating to Wixams station, Ward Fund, Local Plan examination, A6 bypass resurfacing, footpaths and a future GP/medical facility.

Action 2.05: GC To clarify with the local authority the chain of communications during such an incident and who tells Cadent there is an emergency plan in place in the parish

Action 2.05: Ongoing

Action 2.07: GC To clarify what is the out of hours number for the community to alert the local authority to such an issue should it arise again. Action 2.07: Ongoing


Action 11.09: PAWG To understand the level of work required which would then inform the budget for 2019/20 following the recent play area inspection. Agreed this to be deleted.

Action 11.09: Deleted

Action 4.06: AB To monitor the grass spotted growing through the bonded material surface.  It as agreed by the full Council that the grass cutting contractor would be asked to weed kill the grass.Action 4.06: Complete

There to be liaison between AB and the grass contractor to arrange for the weed killing to be carried out.Action 6.10: PWG

Action 4.06B PAWG To loosen the bark at the play area and then if required top up the material once the area has dried up. Agreed this to be deleted.Action 4.06B Deleted

Action 3.04: PAWG/Clerk To publish details of a date for a working party to help loosen the bark Agreed this to be deleted.Action 3.04: Deleted

Action 4.13: AB To  look at the area under the metal climber and to research potential alternative safety surfaces, quotes to be obtained.  Comprehensive information provided for the full Council to consider. Action 4.13: Complete

The full Council agreed that prospective contractors EcoSurface and Abacus Playgrounds, be invited to undertake an accompanied site visit so they can be asked about the stone base and their advise be taken on the appropriate fall area, to ensure there is compliance with appropriate legislation.  The contractors feedback also to be checked with ROSPA to ensure this is accurate.  The contractors to give further information on the footings they would recommend for the work.  A full detailed quotation, preferably with a like for like specification, to be presented to a future Council meeting. Action 6.11: PWG

Action 5.14: AB To discuss with contractor following site visit to look at the water logged spinner area, the best way forward  Site visit complete, awaiting feedback.

Action 5.14: Ongoing


Action 11.11: EWG To ask Borough Officers Daryl Hall/Iain Booth if the Parish Council concrete street lights would be adopted by the local authority.  Quotes to be obtained for the structural test that is required by the local authority. Action 11.11: Ongoing

Action 1.10: RD To monitor the bench contractor who has confirmed they will review the benches once the weather has dried out, to ascertain the best material to use. The benches work has been completed. Action 1.10: Complete

Action 4.04: Clerk To enquire as to how much it would cost to replace the handle and or a bigger capacity dual purpose bin in Hooked Lane Request sent for both to Borough Council, dual bin would cost £400.  MB has repaired handle. Action 4.04: Complete

Action 4.05: Clerk To request a dual purpose litter bin for rubbish and dog waste given the weekly refuse vehicle can access Ivy Lane.  The Clerk had sent this request, Borough Council did monitor and have fed back supporting reasons why they feel it is not appropriate to install a bin in this location. Action 4.05: Complete

Action 4.14: Clerk To make  a Ward Fund application for half the cost of the purchase price for the bench to be located at Northwood Lane Agreed action to be deleted. Action 4.14: Deleted

Action 5.13: Clerk To arrange a meeting with Dave Bennett the engineer working on the A6 restructuring to enable a range of items to be clarified.  Meeting took place, feedback circulated. Action 5.13: Complete

The Clerk to place summary of A6 resurfacing meeting in the Homewatch article.

Action 6.12: Clerk

The Clerk to find out where residents should feedback any comments they have concerning the A6 resurfacing works, so this information can be published. Action 6.13: Clerk

Action 5.24: Clerk To request enforcement to review parking at peak times by the school. This was done, they visited in March, May and June, Enforcement Officer feedback circulated.  Request has been made with highways for the zig zags to be repainted. Action 5.24: Complete

Bedford Borough Council have notified Parish Council of request for proposed extension to yellow lineage at Northwood Lane/Cotton End Road junction.  RD undertook a survey of the area at numerous times, giving feedback.  The Parish Council agreed to support that an extension to the lines should not be pursued.  This to be fed back to the Officer and there to be reference made to the recent survey carried out, which again showed no need for the proposal.

Action 6.14: Clerk

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication.


It was agreed the Parish Council not to make a Ward Fund application for the re-siting of the bench in Northwood Lane.

The Burial Ground rules need reviewing so this to be a future item. Action 6.15: EB

The Clerk to make enquiries with other parishes who manage burial grounds so there can be a comparison with their rules. Action 6.16: Clerk

There is a need for disposal of some material from the allotments which may contain asbestos, the Parish Council agreed to approve expenditure to ensure this is disposed of appropriately.  This to be arranged. Action 6.17: EB

The Council asked to see a copy of the Football Club premise license application.

Action 6.18: EB

There have been reports of tarmac cracking and pot holes, around the Jubilee Centre, it was agreed for quotes for this to be obtained. Action 6.19: EB

The Council agreed to make contact again with the shops at The Crossroads, and to write regarding the large pot hole. Action 6.20: ?

The Clerk to make reference to Action 6.20 in the next Homewatch article. Action 6.21: Clerk

Resident concern expressed at overgrown vegetation along Armstrong Close, it was agreed the Parish Council to arrange for this to be cut. Action 6.22: EB

Resident concern expressed regarding overgrown vegetation at Pollards Close, this to be checked. Action 6.23: EB

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication.


Action 10.11A (17) NJ To ascertain whether Persimmon will agree to the staggered release of the Section 106 monies.   This is still being pursued. Action 10.11A (17) Ongoing

Action 7.13: Clerk To send a letter to the Post Office encouraging them to park their vehicles backed up to the hedge once boundary measures are in place to protect the Village Car Park wall.  This is on hold under the measures could be secured. Action 7.13: On Hold

Action 2.16: Clerk To source quotation for the works to the Village Car Park, more than one quotation for the work would be required, MB asked not to be included.  Quote being sought from Mr Chambers, for the concrete posts to be permanently fixed to the ground, then an application to be made to the Community Chest fund. Action 2.16: Ongoing

Action 4.10: F & GP WG (18) To sign the Jubilee Centre lease given the length of time that has now passed and the lack of response from the solicitors and to be registered with the Land Registry.  For several months now priority has been given to other Parish Council work.

Action 4.10 (18): Ongoing

Action 4.13: F & GP WG (18) To follow up the actions from the meeting when Councillors met representatives of the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group on 20th March A new meeting is being arranged for August. Action 4.13 (18): Ongoing

Action 3.08: Clerk To receive feedback from the meeting with Claire Pick to enable the Parish Council to pursue the transfer of this land off Bedford Road with Bedford Borough. Officer has still not provided any helpful feedback in May. Action 3.08: Ongoing

Action 10.09: F & GP WG To sign the woodland transfer documents The local authority and Parish Council are still chasing documents from Gallaghers. Action 10.09: Ongoing

Action 10.17: Ongoing To respond to the external audit report outlining the detailed work done previously on the item raised and to highlight the written approval the Parish Council have from HMRC.  The letter it was agreed to be sent with the submission of the 2018/19 accounts to the external auditor.  This will be done in July 19.Action 10.17: Ongoing

Action 5.16: Clerk To take a three year long term insurance with Inspire. Cheque approved and insurers notified. Action 5.16: Complete

Action 5.01: Clerk To forward Register of Interest form to new Councillors. This was done. Action 5.01: Complete

Action 5.02: All To fill the vacancy for the Village Hall Management Committee Parish Council representative No expression of interest for this to date. Action 5.02: Ongoing

Action 5.04: All To consider which Working Groups they wish to be involved with. Agreed that structure/membership to remain unchanged. Action 5.04: Complete

Action 5.07: Clerk To review other models used by Parish Councils and feed back any useful suggestions. Feedback circulated by email. Action 5.07: Complete

Action 5.08: Clerk To issue a list of actions promptly following a meeting.

Action 5.08: Complete

Action 5.09: Clerk To issue a full list of matters arising in advance of a meeting and prepare a draft Working Group template for the reports to enable more efficient meetings .Action 5.09: Complete

Action 5.10: Clerk To present meeting minutes in a way to show the actions and decisions of a meeting only.Action 5.10: Complete

Action 5.11: Clerk To copy all Working Group Spokespersons into email communications with Borough Officers. This has been actioned. Action 5.11: Complete

Action 5.20: All To be raised by a Parish Councillor at the next Town and Parish Network Meeting the concern over the precept overpayment made by the Borough Council. Next meeting not till 25th September. Action 5.20: Ongoing

Action 6.12: Clerk To purchase a Local Council Administration Book. The book has been purchased. The Clerk to be reimbursed for the purchase cost between meeting on receipt of a copy of the receipt to evidence the purchase of the book. Action 6.12: Ongoing

Action 2.08: Clerk To locate the GDPR document for the Parish Council relating to the emergency plan and forward to DL. A new document has been requested for the new Council to sign, DL content that your information is in the public domain so need for a separate consent to be sought. Action 2.08: Complete

Action 5.21: Clerk To recirculate the BATPC training details to all. Action 5.21: Complete

Action 5.22: Clerk To confirm approval of a Salvation Army clothing bank at the layby in Bedford Road. Action 5.22: Complete

Action 5.23: Clerk To place a reminder in the Homewatch about appropriate use of the parish noticeboard .Action 5.23: Complete

The Council unanimously agreed to co-opt John Maskell to the Parish Council.  The Clerk to issue with the appropriate paperwork. Action 6.24: Clerk

JM to be issued with a new Council email address. Action 6.25: MB

NJ to issue a revised Working Group structure including JM. Action 6.26: NJ

The Clerk to use Outlook 365 new Council email address going forwards to enable the transfer over of this as it needs to become the main Clerk communication address. Action 6.27: Clerk

It was agreed that improvements are needed to be made to the Parish Council website, MF to investigate and bring ideas to a future meeting. Action 6.28: MF

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication.


(i)Payment of accounts:

Payee Service           Amount

Barnicoat Ltd Clerking service May   £1060.84

Eon UK Ltd Street lighting energy charges£135.41

A R Worboys Ltd Grass cuttingS1006£593.28

A R Worboys Ltd Grass cutting S1080£538.28

Anglian Water Water charges£741.81

Wilstead Neighbourhood Watch Homewatch article insert £250.00

Mrs J Betts Internal audit £140.00

S Chapman NP consultancy work £360.00

Jubilee Centre Hire for memorial event £112.50

Wicksteed Leisure Play area swing repairs £602.64

Mark Brooks Fence panels £59.64

Payments made out of meeting

PlusNet Telephone and broadband £29.45

The Council resolved to pay the above cheques at the meeting, MB took no part in the discussion.

(ii) Update on internal audit

Action 4.14: Clerk To send documents to the internal auditor.  Action 4.14: Complete

The report was circulated to all Councillors, it was asked for the Clerk to feedback to the internal auditor that as the Council has no employees this should be reported as not applicable.

Action 6.29: Clerk

(iii) Approval of 2018/19 Annual Return

The Council unanimously approved the signing of the Annual Return Sections 1 and 2 as an accurate reflection of the Parish Council's financial management over the year.

The Clerk to prepare documents for submission to the external auditor.Action 6.30: Clerk

(iv) Financial spreadsheet 2019/20

Action 5.18: Clerk To collate and circulate.Action 5.18: Ongoing


It was unanimously agreed that the May meeting minutes be signed as a true and accurate record by the Chair.  It was noted that the Working Group reports should be read alongside meeting minutes as they will contain more detailed information on items that have been considered and feedback on actions.  All matters arising had been covered.

It was noted that the location of the CCTV lamp post is still being pursued, there is potential that there will be tree removal required to enable the visibility to be sufficient, MF will continue liaisons and report back to a future meeting. Action 6.31: MF

It was agreed, there to be no historical background information in the recording of the previous actions in the minutes and there to be no change to the Working Group templates.

The Clerk to provide a report with updates ahead of the meetings going forwards.

Action 6.32: Clerk


BRCC e-bulletin newsletter

CPRE update emails

BBC Planning weekly list email

Online playgrounds promotional information

Bank statements

Burial and allotment enquiries

E-copy of Wilstead newsletter

Crime statistics

BBC Local Plan examination information regarding hearings

Resident communications regarding orange recycling sacks

Resident communication regarding highways issues in the village

Hooked Lane and Ivy Lane communications with BBC regarding bins

Incorrect CIL payment communication with BBC and Wixams PC

Beds Police meeting invite

Councillor feedback on Working Group structure

CCTV location of box on highway communications

Parish Council report in the Homewatch

Officer communication about land off Bedford Road

A6 works liaison with Highways Engineer

BBC Street lighting Officer discussions, meeting took place

Communications regarding the siting of the clothes recycling facility in the layby

Came and Company Council insurance renewal communications

Taylor Wimpey communications regarding attending the May PC meeting

Village Farm application Officer communications

New Over 70s Gentle Exercise and Activities Programme

Rural Grant communications regarding the release of funds

CIL transfer received of £51,135.28

Communications regarding access to an allotment plot

Rural Grant application made for the new path

Neighbourhood Planning Grant application made

Serious Youth Violence - Letter from PCC Kathryn Holloway

Govia Thameslink railway passenger benefit fund

BBC Grass cutting agreement

BBC notice of footpath temporary closure No 3

Resident comments on Howard Close planning application received

BATPC Accessible websites information

BBC parking enforcement communications

BBC communication regarding removal of tree by 28 Whitworth Way

Cotton End Road draft Traffic Regulation Order

Internal auditor communications

Resident communication regarding Luton Road boundary

Councillor communication regarding Cotton End Road hedges

BBC Licensing Weekly list

Resident request for a cycle path to Wixams Academy

BBC Footpath 3 Temporary Closure notice

Resident concern over hanging trees in Pollards Close

Resident concern regarding overgrown vegetation at Armstrong Close

Resident concern over hedge along Luton Road and Longmeadow Drive

Resident concern over littering along Whitworth Way

BATPC Data Protection fees information

Contractor communication regarding car park quotation for fixing posts

Cotton End Road planning matter

Village Hall Management Committee new Treasurer notification

Police Crime Commissioner Newsletter

Resident concerns regarding Reid Court hedge


Matters as arisen.


The Chair closed the meeting at 10.05pm.

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